Moka is an icon theme designed with a minimal, flat style, using simple geometry & colours.

Each icon has been pixel-perfectly-designed and provides several sizes for the best experience throughout your desktop.

Icons, icons & more icons

Moka is one of the most comprehensive icon sets available for the Linux desktop, providing icons for hundred of classic Linux desktop apps as well as web applications.

Moka's coverage is far reaching; it's compatible with & has icons for all of the popular desktop environments.

Faba Icon Theme

Moka is only a set of application icons, it relies on its companion icon set: Faba to serve as a base.

Faba provides all the system icons, folders, panel icons, etc. which Moka inherits to make a complete experience.

Faba Icon Theme

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Get Moka

Thousands across all kinds of platforms use and love Moka!

Moka icon theme is available to freely download, but if you opt to download it for a couple bucks, you help support the continuation of Moka.

Moka's on Android

You can get also your favourite desktop icon set on your Android device to use with your favourite custom launcher!

Moka for Android

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