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  • Moka for Android

  • Citru for Android

  • Suru for Android

Linux Desktop

  • Moka Icon Theme

  • Faba Icon Theme

  • Moka GNOME Theme

  • Orchis GTK Theme

  • Moka GTK Theme

About Moka

Moka started as a single Linux desktop icon theme, but over time it has gradually evolved into an entire project & brand identity that provides quality designs to users.

Moka is about personalization and its goal is to provide an assortment of design options to allow people to customize their experiences.

The Brains

Moka is the brainchild of Sam Hewitt who, as the benevolent dictator (for life) of the project, designs, develops & maintains all of its aspects.

Sam consumes endless coffee & spends countless hours on Moka's products all in the name of pixel-perfection.

Open & Transparent

Moka is developed in the open and much of the source code of Moka is available to the masses for review, scrutiny, & improvement.

Get Social!

You can follow Moka on various social networks for the latest news & updates.